We are so thankful to have longtime clients like the BC Cancer Foundation. As the event industry was hit hard during the past year and a half, I am so amazed and inspired by the amazing event/fundraising teams at great not-for-profit foundations like BC Cancer’s. For this year’s Inspiration Gala, typically an amazing in-person gala, virtual was the way to go. But that didn’t stop the BCCF team from delivering the fun to each of the guest’s home. This included a fantastic gift box filled with drinks and goodies so that each guest could enjoy a few bites, sips, and even smells (from the candle) while watching the gala unfold! The team destroyed their fundraising goal for the event and raised $8.2 Million dollars! Easily a record for any fundraiser in Metro Vancouver as far as I know! Congratulations the such an awesome foundation and we are grateful for your services to those affected by this disease.